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Kids Rush Runner 2019 - The sub game for surfers


City subway is waiting for the best surfers! 🏄 Go down to the sub🚊 or drag through the city streets to bus rush 🚍 , just the best subway runner will rank in this endless game!🎖 You, run boy! Dash as fast as possible and escape from the angry hippo officer 👮🏽, surf the train rails and jump every city subways and buses. Be careful to crush in this run game, prove your skills as bus jumper! You must avoid obstacles and drag through city streets with amazing characters: - 🧟‍♂Runner zombie, the brain lover - 🏃🏻Fast runner kid - 🎸Rock&Roll girl -🦖 Dino, the hungry runner dinosaur - 💀✨Katrina the fancy runner - 👊Odin, the Viking, fighter runner Play the best subway game with the zombie, rock girl, kid, Katrina and amazing characters in this runner game🏃🏻! Dash, swipe, run up, surf and show your best bus jumping skills. Kids get fun with the best running game to download, in this subway app you can beat friends and world’s city surfers with the free multiplayer option. The game never ends! If you crash… unlock, win or buy keys and keep the way, run as fast as possible in this fun cool game. Go to next level with amazing features and rewards, upgrade your hoverboard into rock guitar board, space board, bunny board, old-school cardboard, electric board and lot of great models and colors! Boost your runner with the jetpack to fly high in the city sky, hoverbike, super jump sneakers, rockets and magnet powers to become the top run man. Become a super bus runner and gain extra coins and rewards catching glasses, drinks, huts, back hydration, and symbols. Run, run and run! Catch balloons and pass from subway surfing to bus running, score our best and get the chest bonus coins. Key features: • 6 different characters • Super cool boards customization • Subway rails world • City bus streets world • Facebook synchronization with Friends • Online Multiplayer profile • The double screen in multiplayer mood • Game Center leaderboards • World top rankings Game development: Canciones Infantiles - ToyCantando https://toycantando.com Follow app developer: See you on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ToyCantando/ Follow the game and more content on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/toy_cantando/ For more games https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Canciones%20Infantiles%20%20-%20Toycantando

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