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Skater Boy Subway Run – Skate Board Game 2018


A new subway runner game is here and it’s super fun and addictive! Skater Boy Subway Runner takes you deep into the city with so many challenges on the busy roads. Start running and collecting coins and power ups while avoiding obstacles. Run around the city with your skate boarding skill. Dodge jump cars, trucks, vehicles, and other things that will kill you. This is a cool kid game that will give you the excitement and adrenaline rush you are craving. Do you dare to take our infinity challenge? Play our version of subway surf game now and prove that you are the ultimate skateboarder now! Skateboarder Subway Rush is the coolest and latest variation of the famous subway surf game. Our version has cooler graphic, funnier story (you can turn into a baby or chicken!), and obstacles. The hero is a very cool boy with a great skateboarding skill. You have to help him get under the huge trucks, jump over cars or other obstacles, collect coins, and get power ups that will really help you in this intense infinity challenges. We pull all stop when we create this game and we create a very detailed and interesting graphic and game environment so everyone will love and enjoy playing our new subway game. =================================================== BEST FEATURES OF SKATER BOY – SUBWAY RUNNER GAME: =================================================== • Download and play our skateboarding game for FREE! • Excellent and immersive game graphic. • Fun and addictive for players of all ages. • Change into different funny characters. • Smooth game control. • Infinity challenge with many types of hurdles and obstacles. • Run around the city with your skateboarding skill. • Gather coins and powerups. • Simple game to play but challenging to master. • A unique variation to the popular subway surf game genre. Parents, you can safely install this cool kid game for your children. It is safe for kids of every age to play. Our cool kid game is fun and will help them improve their reflex. It is very kid friendly and doesn’t have unsuitable material for your kids. They will certainly enjoy playing our Skater Boy game in their spare time. We purposely design the graphic and theme so everyone can enjoy and play this game. Since the city is full of danger, remember that you can’t just run around without caution. The main challenge of our game is to stay alive despite the traffic and obstacles that are found in this crowded city. Be ready to help the cool boy to take over the city! Show that you have the best skateboarding skill to your friends and family!Download and play Skater Boy Subway Runner Game now! --- Do you enjoy being a cool boy and skateboarder in our skater rush game? We are developing this game to make our players happy. We continuously improve our game with new challenges, new features, and remove bugs and error that will disturb your gaming experience. We really appreciate it if you can let us know via email if you encounter any problem while you play our subway runner game. Your rating & review will be much appreciated, so please support us!

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