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Stiks IO is a fun new game with an exciting gameplay! The goal is to defeat brutal knight rusher io enemies, grow your weapon and stay alive for as long as possible. How To Play: ✔ Players move, charge and combat like knights in a jousting manner. ✔ Use the stick to pike down io opponents. ✔ Accelerate to chase, charge and surprise attack insatia io players. ✔ Collect food pieces to help the knight io weapon grow in length. ✔ Form a good strategy and defeat squad players with bigger pikes io than you. Features: ★ Adorable gummy creatures! ★ 8 awesome insatia character sets, play as a Pygmy, Indian, Dark Lord, Elf, Knight io, Viking, Angel, Samurai or Ragnarok. ★ Thousands of Character Customization Options: mix and match items and personalize your stix io creature. ★ 12 Weapons to Choose From: Stick, Spear, Peak, Pikes, Lance, Lightsaber, Pilum, Sword Rusher io, Saxon, Khastener, Samurai, Scepter ★ 8 Head Accesories: War Bonnet, Djal-Djal, Salmarill, Telesphor, Deception, Horned, Armet, Malachim, Kimono ★ 8 Tattoos and Cool Items: Ori, Meng-U, Vallaslin, Ta-Moko, Obscure, Triskele, Jotunn, Hauberk, Wings ★ 3 Control Options: Joystick, Touch, Arrow This is a brutal io game, where you have to defeat others by hitting them with your pikes io stik weapon. Play Stik.io anytime, anywhere, no internet connection needed. Surviv all the brutes io coming at you, own the biggest weapon and dominate the Sticks.io arena!

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