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Subway Rush Runner - Super Duper Surf


Subway Rush Runner - Super Duper Surf one of the best free 3D running games where you can run in 3 lanes in the rush traffic hour at the central of busy city. This game is full of fresh and new, original and fun, addicting and captivating play features. Once you start you and your friends can't stop playing. Super crazy running game, subway Surf run as fast as you can! Subway Rush Runner - Super Duper is an amazing running game on subway for runner. You can run, surf, race, fly and hover, as well as, getting the thrilling SPECIAL BONUS in the sky!! Rush forward and dodge oncoming buses and cars. You can complete daily missions, challenges and other fun tasks. Rush to collect diamonds and collect your random rewards. Jump over and slide under the obstacles, run on train tracks and train rooftops, surf the rush hour street while collecting diamonds, power-ups and other bonuses. Use all kinds of boosts and power-ups to win the race or escape the police. You can earn and purchase tons of different, jet packs, hover boards, and hover bikes to suit your style. Collect and use super sneakers on the go and jump high over any kind of obstacles up into the air. That's how to play this 2018 subway, hopefully be entertained. Game Features: - Many missions and challenges for you to take on. - Compete with people from around the world. - Real-time race with other players from all over the world. - Many upgrades and power-ups for you to choose from. - Share your game video for everyone to see. - Many characters and hover boards for you to collect and use. Are you ready for the best racing game. Don't wait any longer and download now for FREE!!

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